Cours de français pour les étrangers

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Since 1984, Ramses International School of Languages has put its expertise to work to allow its students to benefit from a pedagogy adapted to their needs.


It is with this same dedication to excellence that Ramses greets foreigners wishing to begin or improve in French.


The classes at Ramses are taught by experienced certified teachers, which serves as a guarantee of the quality of instruction. Students are taught in small groups and are regularly assessed to get a precise evaluation of their progress.


Classes run from September to June, with the possibility of registering by trimester. From June to September, there are summer classes as well. Courses are available for school pupils, students and adults, from beginner to advanced levels. The possible courses are: classic (8 to 18 hours per week), semi-intensive (4 to 5 hours per day), and intensive (6 to 7 hours per day). There are also private individualised courses fit to the schedule of the individual. Registration gives student status. Lodging can be provided, and guided excursions are offered outside of class time.

Ramses - French Language Studies.

In addition to French, our classes for foreigners enable students to work toward international D.E.L.F. and D.A.L.F. diplomas. Governed by the National Minister of Education, the D.E.L.F. (Diploma of French Language Studies) and the D.A.L.F. (Higher Diploma of French Language Studies) are diplomas which are available to all foreigners, students or professionals, to certify levels of proficiency, usage, and mastery of French.


The program of classes at Ramses uses as a base the fundamentals of language: grammar, vocabulary, culture, and civilisation. A variety of instructional tools are used in class: newspapers, books, radio broadcasts, and audio and video cassettes. These facilitate immersion in the language and improve comprehension as well as fluency of expression.


Ramses offers full- and part- time classes for individuals and groups. Classes are available for a semester or a school year.